Joppolo (Italy)

Genoa (Italy)


Joppolo (Italy) – Final design of coastal protection works, MUNICIPALITY OF JOPPOLO, 2008

Genoa (Italy) – Design and nourishment and rehabilitation of the gravel beaches facing city’s most important waterfront, PROVINCE OF GENOA, 2003-2005

Falerna (Italy)


Falerna (Italy) – Studies and Final Design of Coastal Defence and beach nourishment and supervision works, MUNICIPALITY OF FALERNA, 2006-2010

Recco (Italy)


Recco (Italy) – Final design and construction management of rehabilitation project , MUNICIPALITY OF RECCO, 2001-2006

Rimini (Italy)

Emilia Romagna regional coast (Italy)


Rimini (Italy) – Final design of the artificial beach between the mouth of the river Marecchia and the new marina . Client: Marina di Rimini spa . year: 2000
job n° 408

Emilia Romagna regional coast (Italy) – Final design of beach nourishment with 800.000 m3 of sand, dredged 30 miles offshore, of 11 different sites along the Adriatic Sea coastline. Client: ARPA – Regione Emilia Romagna , year: 2001 . job n° 423

Calabria Region (Italy)


Calabria Region (Italy) – Collaboration to Integrated Coastal Zone Management of Regional Coast – 800 Km / Study with Mathematical Models, Assessment of erosion, accretion trends, critical areas, preliminary design of protection works and beach nourishment along the coast,  CALABRIA REGIONAL GOVERNMENT, 2007 / 2001-2004

Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Abu Dhabi (UAE) – Preliminary Design Review of Shore Protection, Design Recommendation for Breakwater, Boat Berthing & Beach Erosion for Villa Compound Plans, EWAN CONSULTANTS, 2012