Fujairah (UAE)

Barka III (Oman)


Fujairah (UAE) – Preliminary Design for Expansion of the Pump House for Sea Water Intake and New Outfall and Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plant, ABEIMA - ADWEA, 2011

Barka III (Oman) – Preliminary Design of Marine Works for Sea Water Intake and Outfall for Barka Power & Desalination Plant, ALSTOM, 2010

Das Island (UAE)

Vlora (Albania)


Das Island (UAE)– Preliminary design for marine works of Integrated Gas Development and marine facilities for landfill of the new airport,  TARGET / ADGAS / ADMA, Year :2008

Vlora (Albania) – Feasibility study for bulk carrier mooring system in the new oil terminal, PETROLIFERA ITALO ALBANESE, 2009

Fujairah (UAE)

Puerto Haina (Dominican Republic)


Fujairah (UAE) – Preliminary and Final Design of the Marine Works for the Sea Water Intake and Outfall and Shore Protection of the Power / Desalination Plant, ALSTOM Switzerland,  2007

Puerto Haina (Dominican Republic) – Port Master Plan, E.I.A. and final design of first phase works needed for the improvement of the major port of the Country, Banco Interamericano de Desarrollo - BID, 1995

Mirfa (Abu Dhabi)


Mirfa (Abu Dhabi) – Preliminary design and tender documents for seawater system serving the Air Separation Units, TARGET/LINDE 2009

Jebel Ali – Dubai (UAE)


Jabel Ali – Dubai (UAE) – Meteomarine and Morphological Studies & Final Design of Marine Works for Sea Water Outfall  & Slipway of Jabel Ali ‘M’ Power / Desalination Plant, / Station ‘L’ – Supporting Studies and Basic Design of Sea Water Intake and Outfall for Cooling and Desalination, FISIA - DEWA, 2007-2008 / 2003-2004

Venice Lagoon (Italy)


Lagoon of Venice (Italy)


Venice Lagoon (Italy) – Optimisation of construction process of the reinforced concrete caissons for foundation of the mobile gates of the flood protection project of the Venice lagoon. Basic design of temporary construction yards in several sites . Client: Consorzio Venezia Nuova , year: 1996, job n° 281


Lagoon of Venice (Italy) – Study on measures to be adopted in order to improve the navigation inside the Lagoon by night and in presence of fog. Client: Consorzio Venezia Nuova , years: 1990-91 , job n° 49

Vlora (Albania)

Vlora (Albania) – Feasibility Study, Preliminary and Basic Design and EIA of Breakwaters, Dredging, Oil Trestle on Steel Piles and Quay of the New Oil Terminal and Harbour Facilities, ENERECO SCARL, 2004-2005