Das Island (UAE)



Das Island (UAE) – Preliminary Optimization of Port Berthing and Breakwater Layouts and Wave Modeling Study, Expansion to Das Island Harbour, TARGET / ADMA, 2012

Abu Dhabi (UAE) - Wave Modeling & Mooring Pile Design Calculation for Al Bandar Marina, TARGET / ALDAR-TURNER, 2010

La Maddalena (Italy)

Satriano (Italy)

La Maddalena (Italy) – Design of Harbour Works and Waterfront Rehabilitation for the G8 meeting, ITALIAN GOVERNMENT, 2008

Satriano (Italy) – Basic Design of New Marina near River Fiumara, CALABRIA REGIONAL GOVT., 2004-2005

Catania (Italy)


Catania (Italy) – Port Master Plan, including the rehabilitation of city waterfront and port facilities for cruise ships, RoRo ferries, bulk and general cargo vessels, marinas, CATANIA PORT AUTHORITY 2003


Catania (Italy) – Final design of the quay for cruise ships, CATANIA PORT AUTHORITY 2009

Molfetta (Italy)


Molfetta (Italy) – Construction Management of the Commercial Port / Extension of Existing Port, MUNICIPALITY OF MOLFETTA, 2008-2009 / 2004-2005

Damietta (Egypt)


Damietta (Egypt) – Final Design of the E-Methanex Terminal in the Harbour of Damietta for Methanol Export, TECHINT spa, 2006-2007

Canouan (Grenadines)

Tivat (Montenegro)


Canouan (Grenadines) – Studies and basic design of the new marina .Client: C.C.A. Ltd. , years: 2011-12 , job n° 738

Tivat (Montenegro) – Meteomarine studies and consultancy services for the design and construction of the new marina .Client: Businessart d.o.o., years: 2009-2010 , job n° 653

Gioia Tauro (Italy)


Gioia Tauro (Italy) - Construction management of quay improvement & dredging works / Feasibility study of Wind Screens / Study of Alternative Port Planning Options to improve capability of container hub transshipment terminal, GIOIA TAURO PORT AUTHORITY, 2007-2009 / 2000/ 1999-2000

Termoli (Italy)


Termoli (Italy) – Port Master Plan and EIA, MOLISE REGIONAL GOVERNMENT,  2007

Ruwais (UAE)


Ruwais (UAE) – Borouge Project Harbour Facilities – Consultancy Services during design and construction, TECNIMONT spa, 1999

Dammam (Saudi Arabia)

Dammam (Saudi Arabia) – Preliminary Design for Port Quay Walls, Shore Protection & Revetment & Reclamation, Value Engineering for 2nd Container Terminal, King Abdul Aziz Port, SCOTT WILSON / GLOBAL PORTS CO., 2012

Lazio Regional Coast (Italy)

Lazio Regional Coast (Italy) – Final Design of Rehabilitation and Extension of Harbours of S. Felice Cerceo, Porto Badina and Terracina, DELFT HYDRAULICS (Netherlands), 1992-1994